Door Opener “Furenai” Fine Copper Made in Japan

SAKAMOTO Inc. designed and manufactured pure copper door opener “FURENAI“.

After the lockdown of Corona, we commute with train and go to office. To avoid touching the viruses on the door or button, the tool can be useful. Pure copper has the works of killing O157 and Influenza viruses.



ProductsC1100 Pure Copper Door Opener
Size79.5 x 42mm,  thickness 2.5mm
MaterialPure Copper (C1000)
Price1999 yen


  • This is Pure copper and the color is getting dark.
  • It does not work on iPhone or tablets. it don’t react on screen.


The Story of Pure Copper DoorOpener

How we start and finished the manufacturing



Antimicrobial Activity of Copper

Copper ion’s oligodynamic action of metal can kill bacteria. The Japan Copper Development Association has been engaged in a variety of demonstration tests to scientifically demonstrate copper’s antimicrobial effect.

The tool’s material  is Pure Copper (C1100) which is tested and proved to kill the viruses.

Test conducted with cooperation from Institute for Food & Environmental Science, Incorporated Foundation Tokyo Kenbikyo-in Institute for Food & Environmental Science

In 1996, an aggressive O157 outbreak occurred, which resulted in a large drop in sales in the food service industry. Testing has demonstrated copper’s effects against O157.
In the tests, bacteria were cultured and observed in glass dishes in which 3 cm piece copper or brass plate was placed over agar containing O157. As a result, bacteria around the copper and brass plate were prevented from reproducing. The test also revealed that no bacteria had grown directly under the plate.
O157 is transmitted to humans throughout any season through ordinary food. We must not forget the danger of O157.(Japan Copper Development Association






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