Work flow (estimation to payment)

Work flow of making original accessory

This is the work flow of original accessories making. Please read this page before estimating.

  1. At first
  2. Estimation
  3. Making image and Hanshita design.
  4. Official estimation
  5. Order
  6. Making the model
  7. Pressing, processing
  8. Delivery
  9. Payment
At first

First, we have an interview with our clients about their requests.

  • When the client has the idea or design but is it possible to make?
  • When the client want us to help their development for new goods.
  • When the client want our support against the spec change while making the product.
  • Is it possible to make the product against small lot?
  • Is it ok for short delivery schedule?

We will suggest our idea against client’s request regarding the detail, color, shape and how to make. Also we can hear about the budget negotiation flexibly. we can suggest depends on the client’s budget.

The items we ask client for estimation .
typekeyholder, strap, pendant, cuffs, coin or medal…etc
sizeWhat size is the product? (example: 20mm x 20mm)
thicknessHow thick? (mili meter)
designA rough sketch is fine. We will finish it with illustrator.
The design is flat or relief?
Which part is convex or concave?
How shape? How complicated design?
If we can’t fix the design, we can’t move on to the next step.
ColorIs there colors on the product?

Brass , copper, silver , tin alloy etc

DeliveryWhen is the delivery date? Is it fixed or not.
FinishIf plating, gold or silver? Glossy finish or not?
BudgetClient’s budget
LotExample: 100 pieces, 1000 pieces
We send the reference estimation.

We try to do our best for any requests, but we will decline if it is beyond our capacity.
Please understand the reference estimation may not be the correct prices.
It take 3 or 4 days to send the estimation.

Making image and Hanshita design.

We will fix the final design, how to make and material in this phase.

Sending the final estimation after the final design.

Then we will send the final estimation.

The official order

When we receive the official order, first, we will ask the material cost. We confirm the payment and then we start to produce.

Making the model

We make the model and then make the product with partners depending on how to make.

Examples of processing the product
  • Making the model
  • Confirming the engrave, depth…etc. We can show the process to client and can fix depending on the request.
  • Cut the model
  • Sending the finish picture depending on the plating and finishing. In this phase the client can change them.
  • Pressing processing
  • Polish processing
  • Plating processing
  • Coloring processing
  • Stone processing
  • Adding metal fitting processing
  • Inspection/checking
  • Packing
  • Delivery

We will send the bill when delivery. Please finish the payment.

Payment will be bank transfer or cash on delivery.

That’s all. Please contact us when you have questions.