About Sakamoto Metal

What is Sakamoto Chokoku?

Sakamoto Chokoku is a metal accessories maker special for engraving model of keychain, metal accessories, badge, medal, coin, cuffs…etc.

Sakamoto(坂本) is our family name and Chokoku(彫刻) means sculpture, engrave in Japanese.

* If you are interested in Japanese learning or Ninja/Samurai, visit this site => HiraganaNinja – Japanese learning


sakamoto chokoku

In 1983 an engraver Kunio Sakamoto founded.

In 2010 Kunio Sakamoto is awarded a prize the meister of craftsmanship by Shinjuku-ku city office.

In 2011 Kunio Sakamoto is awarded a prize Tokyo Meister (governor of Tokyo) by Tokyo city government.

Our Works

To Brand owner and the shop owner!

Would you like to have your own original keychains, strap, medal ?

We will produce the metal made keychain, strap, accessories, brand logo plate, badge…etc  depending on the client’s needs.


Metal accessories / ornament / keychain / badge / strap / buckle / tiepin / cuff links / souvenir / promotional items / Metal / Company emblem/ Knife / Ring / Pendant / Necklace / Brooch / Coin / Metal fittings / Logo Carved seal / Golf marker / Bag metal fittings / Charm / Shoe accessories / Brand logo plate / Apparel matal fittings…etc

We will produce the accessories like Japanese sword because the online game called Touken-Ranbu(刀剣乱舞) is very popular and they ask the accessories of the sword like Mikazuki-munechika (三日月宗近) .

Please estimate such goods to us via the inquiry format here.

Producing original items

We will produce original items following client’s designs or ideas. We will support when you start your ideas  from scratch with our technique and experiences until the finish. Actually we are welcome against the original designs of our clients. Our core technique is handcrafts and that works for the new, original and unique designs.  Also check the flow of producing original items.

Core technique

In our product line we have artisans which have amazing techniques and produce the high quality products. We can get negotiations flexibly about designs, budgets, numbers, schedules…etc.
Depending on the line of the products each professional craftmen will talk with the clients and suggest the best way for clients.

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