Gold and Silver Medals of Crypto Coins by Sakamoto Metal (Made in Japan)

Last year we, Sakamoto Metal, made the word’s first pure gold medal of Bitcoin (99.99%,K24) in Tokyo, Japan. The coin has been released and sold on our online store.

We also made gold, platinum, silver crypto coins, pure platinum Ethereum, pure gold Monacoin and pure Silver Monacoin. They are all high quality gold and silver coins with craftsmanship of “Made in Japan“.

And then we have started making new crypto coin of NEM.

Brass bitcoin medals produced by Sakamoto Metal are seen at the company's workshop on January 25, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. Sakamoto Metal, a custom medal, coin and pin badge maker in Tokyo, produces 24K gold and brass bitcoin medals that went on sale in January as investments in cryptocurrencies become popular in the country after Japan's government passed a law recognising bitcoin and other alternative coins as legal tender in 2017. (Photo by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images)


The new silver coin of NEM have three colors with Japanese Cloisonne called Shippo (七宝)!

Cloisonne is not used as coin making now but I want to introduce how Japanese cloisonne is really beautiful.

We finished making sample and we started making additional dozens of coins. After finishing we start releaseing NEM coins on our online store. About the detail of making NEM coins are here (Japanese site).

Shippoyaki (cloisonne) has been part of the world of Japanese art for hundreds of years. The earliest example is in the Asuka Period in the latter part of the 6th century.


Gold Bitcoin (99.99%,K24)

Size: Diameter 30mm, Thickness 2mm
Gold Fineness: 99.99%
Weight: 23gram
Made in Japan
Online Store

Gold Monacoin

Size: Diameter 30mm, Thickness 2mm
Gold Fineness: 99.99% (Stamp by Japan government)
Weight: 22.5 gram
Made in Japan
Online Store:


Pure gold Monacoin (K24, 99.99% gold)
Pure gold Monacoin (K24, 99.99% gold)
Pure Silver NEM coin (99.99% silver)
Pure Silver NEM coin (99.99% silver)
Cloisonne on NEM silver coins


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